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          LED power customization

          Yong jeilin technology is a high-tech enterprise with independent brand, is the domestic large-scale professional LED switching power supply manufacturer in China, founded in 2013 in shenzhen, China, engaged in all kinds of power including outdoor rain type, type waterproof outdoor, indoor type, built-in ultra-thin LED switching power supply development, production and sales, main products are LED dedicated switch power supply, with LED lamp bead, light and other products related to LED industry chain.

          Shenzhen yongjlin technology co., LTD., has 5000...

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          LED power customization

          Shenzhen Yongjielin Technology Co., Ltd.
          Tel. No.: (+86) 0755-3293-7930
          Fax. No.: (+86) 0755-3293-7932
          Website: www.358785.com
          E-Mail:     sales@yongjielin.com
          Address: 3/F., 12/Bldg., Xinxintian Ind. Park, Xinsha

                          Rd., Shajing Str., Baoan District, Shenzhen

                          518104, China

          LED power customization

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